Wilderness Adventure and Photography

What is it that we do?

Wilderness canoeing ... the stuff that gets us far from the beaten path ... where we don't see another person for days on end ... where portages are not recorded and campsites are not marked.

These are not simple journeys. They span multi-weeks and require months of planning. They demand a great deal of outdoor skills and physical conditioning.

Wilderness photography and videography.

These trips involve multi-week stays ... often in the early spring or late fall so that we can record the animals at both their worst and best condition.

Weather becomes a real factor in both our comfort and the operation of our equipment.

What can you learn?

See where we've been ... how we prepared for our adventures ... and follow us through our journals, maps and pictures.

Get solid advice on equipment that works ... menu planning for long trips ... logistical considerations ... and helpful lists you can use for your medical kit, menu planning and daily trip planning.